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4 03/2022

[Expert Training] Food Fights: Feeding & Nurturing For Foster & Adoptive Families- Brooke Randolph (March 2022)

2022-03-04T13:38:30-05:00Categories: Monthly Expert Training|Tags: , |

Food hoarding, food battles, and obsessive behaviors over food! You may even have more to add to this list. The fact is, food insecurities are common amongst children with a trauma history. And issues surrounding food are so deeply seeded within our children that, at times, it seems that there's recovery, let alone, a way [...]

8 01/2022

[Expert Training] Sensory Integration and Behaviors – Dr. Laura Anderson (January 2022)

2022-02-01T06:48:51-05:00Categories: Monthly Expert Training|Tags: |

As caregivers, it can be hard to deal with your child’s behavior. Particularly behaviors that can wear on your nerves day after day. The constant loud noises, using your body as a battering ram, and the inability to stop themselves from moving all over the place (to name a few) can leave you exhausted and [...]

27 12/2021

[Kitchen Table Talk] How To Effectively Support Our Children (December 2021)

2022-02-01T06:49:18-05:00Categories: Kitchen Table Talks|Tags: , |

As caregivers, it’s our responsibility to support our children, and do it as well as possible. But how do you effectively do this? Our children are going to experience different seasons of life, moments of grief, and face uphill climbs that we will often find ourselves powerless to help them overcome. How do we know [...]

20 12/2021

[Expert Training] How To Be Still While In Motion – Carrie Blaske (December 2021)

2022-02-01T06:49:45-05:00Categories: Monthly Expert Training|Tags: , |

Do you find yourself longing for stillness? Do you hold onto hope that when you finally do get to be still, that it will be worth the effort it took to coordinate a self-care activity or opportunity for stillness? When your body does get to be still, does your mind still race? We are pleased to welcome [...]

17 12/2021

[Live Q&A Replay] Communicating Your Child’s Needs With Professionals- Mike and Kristin Berry (December 2021)

2022-02-01T06:46:52-05:00Categories: Monthly Live Q&A|Tags: |

In our latest Live Training and Q&A, Mike and Kristin share strategies and principles to help you effectively communicate and advocate for your child with the people who provide services for them. These principles work whether you are communicating to a pediatrician, teacher, therapist, coach, small group leader, or any other provider for your child. [...]

23 11/2021

[Kitchen Table Talk] Digging Deeper Into Expectations

2022-02-02T20:31:41-05:00Categories: Kitchen Table Talks|Tags: , |

It’s perfectly normal for us, as parents, to have expectations for our children. But what happens when our children choose to carve their own path and it’s the opposite of our expectations? We must learn to adapt and change. And we have to understand that we are raising human beings who are going to think, [...]

19 11/2021

[Live Q&A Replay] Navigating The Holidays – Mike and Kristin Berry (November 2021)

2022-02-02T19:57:47-05:00Categories: Monthly Live Q&A|Tags: , |

It's the holiday season, which for many families means family, joyful gatherings, Christmas caroling and more. But this time of year can often be extremely difficult for foster and adoptive families. How do you navigate this? In our November 2021 Live Training, Mike and Kristin discuss practical steps we can take to navigate this season, [...]

4 11/2021

[Expert Training] The Keys To FASD Success- Jeff Noble (November 2021)

2022-02-02T19:59:32-05:00Categories: Monthly Expert Training|Tags: |

Are you parenting a child with a FASD? Have you struggled to make sense of behaviors, their shift from calm and peaceful, to disrespectful and defiant, or aggressive and agitated? If so, you're not alone. In this edition of our Expert Training Videos, our good friend, and FASD educator, Jeff Noble, walks us through keys [...]

28 10/2021

[Live Q&A Replay] Practical Regulation Strategies – Mike and Kristin Berry (October 2021)

2022-02-02T20:30:45-05:00Categories: Monthly Live Q&A|Tags: |

In this debut session of our newest content in Oasis, Mike and Kristin walk through Regulation Strategies that can help you navigate just about any behavioral situation you find yourself in with your child. In the broadcast they cover, What is regulation? What is dysregulation? How to help your child re-regulate The #1 goal you [...]

22 10/2021

[Kitchen Table Talk] Setting Healthy Boundaries With Your Children

2022-02-05T15:22:17-05:00Categories: Kitchen Table Talks|Tags: |

You know how this goes. Your child manipulates, lies, or steals with no inhibition. You’re frustrated, tired, and ready to give up. Mostly because you’ve set the boundary, you’ve asked them to stop, you’ve even attempted to discipline, to no avail. What else can you do? You wonder, “Can I actually set a healthy boundary [...]

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