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29 10/2022

[Expert Training] How To Promote Healthy Attachments With Your Family- Mike Berry (November, 2022)

2023-03-19T08:33:51-04:00Categories: Monthly Expert Training|

Expert Training is back! In this edition, Mike Berry joins us to dive deep into attachments. We know how frustrating it can be to understand why our child pushes us away, and what causes some of those extreme behaviors. In this edition, we discuss disrupted attachment, why that occurs in the first place, how to [...]

11 09/2022

[Expert Training] How To Respond To And Address Self Harm with Jenn Hook, M.A. (Sept. 2022)

2022-09-12T10:34:18-04:00Categories: Monthly Expert Training|

It's can be a major issue among children with a trauma history: self-harm! How do you recognize it, let alone address it? Or effectively respond to it? These questions, and more, can leave us, as caregivers, overwhelmed and really really scared. That's exactly why we are connected to amazing, world-renowned leaders and experts like Jenn [...]

24 06/2022

[Live Q&A Replay] Helping Multiracial Families Thrive with Ligia Cushman, M.A. (June 2022)

2022-06-24T08:41:30-04:00Categories: Monthly Live Q&A|Tags: , |

This month we welcomed our good friend, therapist, and coach, Ligia Cushman, M.A. to the Live Q&A Broadcast to discuss strategies multiracial families can use to begin thriving. It was a deep and powerful conversation. The questions Ligia answered were deep, and difficult, but necessary and transformational. Check out the replay now!

13 06/2022

[Expert Training] When The Grief Of This Journey Becomes Too Much with Carrie O’Toole (June 2022)

2022-06-24T08:38:07-04:00Categories: Monthly Expert Training|Tags: , |

What do you do when your back's against the wall with your child's behavior? Or simply, what's your next step when you've tried everything to connect with your child but the rejection is so deep and unending that you feel that you're slowly dying inside? These questions, and more, are part of the reality of [...]

28 05/2022

[Live Q&A Replay] Navigating The Online World With Vulnerable Children- Chuck Hagele (May 2022)

2022-06-24T08:40:38-04:00Categories: Monthly Live Q&A|Tags: |

In our May 2022 Live Q&A call, we were pleased to welcome our good friend, and internet safety expert, Chuck Hagele from Project Patch. We discussed the importance of targeting the heart when connecting with our children over internet safety, important safety protocols, why loss and grief drive kids deeper into the online world, and [...]

30 04/2022

[Live Q&A Replay] Understanding Sensory Behaviors with Dr. Laura Anderson (April 2022)

2022-06-24T08:39:39-04:00Categories: Monthly Live Q&A|Tags: , , |

For the month of April, we are excited to welcome our good friend Dr. Laura Anderson to the series to answer your biggest questions about sensory needs (but also any other BIG questions you have!) If your child often loses control of their body, makes loud noises, uses their body as a battering ram, and [...]

2 04/2022

[Expert Training] Managing Crisis In Your Home- Mike and Kristin Berry (April 2022)

2022-04-02T21:08:37-04:00Categories: Monthly Expert Training|Tags: , , |

It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. At some point, foster and adoptive parents will face a moment of crisis. It could be small, or it could be significant. In any case, we must have a solid plan in place to effectively respond to and manage the situation. But most importantly, [...]

25 02/2022

[Live Q&A Replay] Understanding Trauma’s Impact On Your Children with Brooke Randolph (February 2022)

2022-02-25T05:41:01-05:00Categories: Monthly Live Q&A|Tags: , , |

This month we are pleased to welcome Brooke Randolph to our Monthly Live Q&A call with a therapist. In this call Mike and Brooke talked about trauma's impact, disrupted attachment, what in the world brain spotting is, how to effectively help your child's school understand their trauma in a simplistic way, and much more! We [...]

5 02/2022

[Expert Training] Behavioral Intervention & Prevention Strategies- Mike and Kristin Berry (February 2022)

2022-02-05T15:24:47-05:00Categories: Monthly Expert Training|Tags: , |

What do you do when your child melts down, acts out, or becomes aggressive, defiant, or disrespectful? This is probably one of the biggest questions foster and adoptive parents have. We know you do too. That's why we're dedicating this month's Oasis Expert Training to discussing Behavioral Intervention and Prevention Strategies with Mike and Kristin.

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