Feeling stuck, angry, or hopeless?  Tired of trying to “fix” your kids? Is your marriage struggling and your children pushing you to the edge?  Are you thinking, “I didn’t get us into this” and “What happened to the life I imagined?” You might be an adoptive dad, and you are not alone!

On this month’s “Backstage Pass,” Mike welcomes two other “expert” adoptive dads, Jason Morriss and Andrew Schneider, to talk specifically to our Oasis dads about the unique challenges that they face. They welcome dads into a raw and honest conversation about just how hard this journey is.

Wondering what you can do when expectations and reality don’t match up?  What about the importance and how-to of “soul-care” for dads?  Can you save your struggling marriage?  Mike, Jason, and Andrew give dads permission and courage to face their brokenness and hurt, to speak up for their needs, to get real and grieve their losses, and to find community and connection with other dads who are right there with you.

Also, listen in for two interesting facts that you might not know about Mike.  Find out what Andrew is an expert in, and be sure not to miss the last five minutes, when Jason shares the problem with every parenting system out there…and what you might try instead.

Andrew, Mike, and Jason are the co-founders and creators of Road Trip, a three day event in the CO mountains, for adoptive and foster dads.  If you want to be a part of Road Trip 2018, be sure to check it out now, sign up for our email list, and register before the space fills up!

Andrew Schneidler is a closet foodie, and the founder of The Permanence Project, and Practicing Attorney at the Children’s Law Center of Washington.  He and his lovely wife, Michele, are adoptive parents of three awesome children, former foster parents, and are co-founders of The Refresh Gatherings for adoptive and foster parents.

Jason Morriss loves Jesus, his wife, and his children.  He is an adoptive dad who has a passion for creating space for other adoptive and foster dads to be real, honest, and vulnerable.  He a pastor of Adult Restore Groups and Missional Communities at Austin New Church in Austin, TX.