Navigating the Foster Care System can prove to be a challenge for many foster parents.  How can foster parents partner and work with case managers rather than live in a frustrated and discouraged place?

On this month’s episode of Backstage Pass, we are pleased to, once again, welcome our good friend Megan Stroup, Founder and Director of Helen’s House in Marian, Indiana, which specializes in supervised visitations and case management.  She shares some insights into the world of the case-managers that foster parents must interact with and offers ideas for finding the support you need when you have a major problem working within the foster system.

Before founding Helen’s House, Megan worked in the Department of Child Services for 11 years and at a private adoption agency for a short time.  Megan is also an adoptee and mom of three.  She brings an incredible amount of experience, both personally and professionally, to this important topic.  If you loved hearing from Megan and want to hear more from her, check out our first Masterclass about Building Healthy Relationships with Birth Families.

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