The foster and adoption journey can bring up many feelings of grief and loss for our children.  We also may be dealing with our own grief and loss and wondering just how we can continue to cope with all of it.  If you are looking for some encouragement today, be sure to check out this edition of Expert Interviews.

Mike’s interview with Natalie Brenner answers some of these hard questions  surrounding grief and loss, dark and discouraging times, feelings of hopelessness. Natalie is here to share her own stories of grief and loss in infertility, miscarriage, church spiritual abuse, loss of job, community, and journey through adoption and foster care which, most recently, involves a failed adoption.  She has a deep and unique perspective on grief and loss as a mom.

Maybe this past holiday season wasn’t one full of happy moments.  Maybe you’ve been walking through a tragic circumstance, difficult relationships, hard and frustrating moments…You are not alone.  You have permission to grieve and to process through difficult emotions.  Listen in today and be encouraged that you can find hope in that place.

Natalie and Mike also discuss how we can help our children deal with their own emotions of grief and loss by giving them space and permission to grieve.  We don’t have to take their big emotions personally, or see it as reflecting poorly on us as foster or adoptive parents.  Also, we must take time to process and meditate on where we are, and deal with it, so we don’t pass on shame to our children.

Natalie Brenner is a blogger at nataliebrennerwrites and author of This Undeserved Life.  She is an adoptive mom to two toddler boys and current foster mama to two girls.

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