What is the “lens of rejection” that many adoptees see through?  How might this affect relationships between children and their adoptive and foster parents?

We are so pleased to welcome back our friend, Sherrie Eldridge for her second Backstage Pass Interview.  Sherrie is an international speaker and established author within the adoptive community and, as an adoptee herself, has a passion for helping adoptive parents understand and respond empathetically to the unique emotional needs of their children.

Isaiah 49:15-16 speaks to the rejection some children might experience from their birth parents.  Sherrie knows this firsthand, and started writing to bring hope to other adoptees finding themselves in the same places.  Today, she will help define the “lens of rejection” for us and explain the sensitivity that adoptees may have toward this feeling and how that affects their relationships with their adoptive families and friends.

In 2010, Sherrie was named Indiana’s Congressional Angel of Adoption. She is the author of several books including the best-selling, “Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish their Adoptive Parents Knew.” These books, as well as her blog and other resources, can be found at sherrieeldridge.com or on Amazon.

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