22 06/2020

How Children With FASDs Interact With The Online World | Expert Interview with Dr. Ira Chasnoff, MD

2021-11-17T09:23:36-05:00By |Expert Training|

We know that Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders have a profound effect on a person's ability to reason, think logically, and control impulses. But in today's society there are extra dangers. Our children must live and function in a media-saturated world filled with false realities via the internet and social media. How do we help our [...]

11 12/2019

How To Maximize Your Finances | Expert Interview with Chad Johnson

2021-11-17T09:24:00-05:00By |Expert Training|

What would it look like to maximize your finances? For many, even thinking about finances fills their body with anxiety. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In this latest edition of Expert Interviews, Mike interviews Chad Johnson, the founder of Blue Financial Coaching. Watch the interview, then connect with Chad at www.bluefinancialcoach.com, or over [...]

14 11/2019

How To Effectively Communicate With Providers | Expert Interview with Dr. Gary Feldman, MD

2021-11-17T09:24:06-05:00By |Expert Training|

Have you ever left a pediatrician or medical professional's office and felt as if you couldn't adequately communicate your child's need, and you were completely misunderstood? If so, you're definitely NOT alone. We've been there a time or two with our children. But good news! In this edition of Expert Interviews, we're pleased to welcome [...]

13 08/2019

How To Nurture Healthy Attachments With Your Child | Expert Interview with Paris Goodyear-Brown

2021-11-17T09:24:12-05:00By |Expert Training|

Children who come from trauma may take a lifetime to recover.  Some of the big behaviors may remain and  helping parents to understand that creating felt-safety and setting a reasonable bar are the first steps towards healing. How can we create felt-safety? What is the "soothe" technique? What do we do with our kid's core [...]

1 07/2019

Finding Hope After A Relinquished Adoption | Expert Interview with Carrie O’Toole

2021-11-17T09:24:18-05:00By |Expert Training|

This edition of Expert Interviews deals with a sticky, controversial, and painful issue in the adoptive parenting world, and yet it is a reality that some families are walking through.  Where can you go if you are thinking that you just can't do this anymore?  Is there hope after relinquishment? In this edition, Mike welcomes [...]

20 11/2018

Behavioral Development | Expert Interview with Dr. Feldman

2021-11-17T09:24:28-05:00By |Expert Training|

On this month's edition of Backstage Pass, Kristin interviews Dr. Gary Feldman, who is an M.D., Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician, and Sleep Specialist specializing in international adoption. Kristin and Dr. Feldman talk about how to view and interpret behavioral developmental issues you may see in your children, strategies for dealing with, and resources for helping foster and adoptive [...]

22 09/2018

Feelings of Rejection | Expert Interview with Sherrie Eldridge

2021-11-17T09:24:39-05:00By |Expert Training|

What is the "lens of rejection" that many adoptees see through?  How might this affect relationships between children and their adoptive and foster parents? We are so pleased to welcome back our friend, Sherrie Eldridge for her second Backstage Pass Interview.  Sherrie is an international speaker and established author within the adoptive community and, as [...]

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