7 11/2018

Live Q & A with Ruth Graham: Ask Anything Again

2018-11-07T03:34:25-05:00By |Monthly Life Q&A|

We were thrilled to have therapist Ruth Graham join us again, for our Live Q and A.  We've done this before and it was so great that we asked our members to ask her anything again! We covered questions about holiday triggers, dealing with extended family members who don't honor boundaries, overcoming irrational fears, drug [...]

24 06/2017

Live Q & A with Lynn Owens: Triangulation and More

2018-06-06T22:36:08-04:00By |Monthly Life Q&A|

Frustrated because you feel like your children are constantly playing other adults against you?  Do grandparents, teachers, and coaches around you question you as a parent because what they see from your kids is so different from what you experience?  This common "chameleon" behavior can be one of the most anxiety-producing challenges adoptive and foster parents [...]

17 05/2017

Live Q & A with Jenn Ranter: Self Care

2018-06-06T22:38:02-04:00By |Monthly Life Q&A|

"How To Care For Yourself When You're Caring For Children From Trauma" Have you ever wondered how in the world you can get more rest, more exercise, a better diet, or just figure out how to make it through a single day, while you're in the middle of caring for a child from trauma? We [...]

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