30 04/2020

Self-Care Minute | April 2020

2021-03-14T15:26:57-04:00By |Self Care Minute|

Can you even take care of yourself in the middle of quarantine? That's a question many of us are spinning in our minds lately. After all, life has changed significantly in the past month. We are isolated, and closed off from the world and many of us are struggling to parent, stay sane, and stay [...]

31 03/2020


2021-03-14T15:26:58-04:00By |Self Care Minute|

So, one thing that we've noticed during the coronavirus, Covid-19 crisis is that self-care is one of the first things people are abandoning. Please take a minute out of your day to watch this video. We know you can't go a lot of places right now, but sometimes self care looks like just gettin in [...]

21 01/2020


2021-03-14T15:26:58-04:00By |Self Care Minute|

Are you taking time for yourself and getting the rest you need? In this edition of the Self-Care Minute, Kristin looks to "Mousetrap" the cat for wisdom and advice. When we work hard, we must also find time to rest. Find some time to rest today. It's not cheating. It's not be irresponsible. We give [...]

21 12/2019


2021-03-14T15:26:59-04:00By |Self Care Minute|

Are you being intentional about taking time for yourself? In this edition of the Self-Care Minute, Mike reminds us that self-care needs to be done on purpose. We need this time of refreshment if we want to be able to give our best to those who depend on us. Take time for yourself. Even if [...]

4 12/2019


2021-03-14T15:26:59-04:00By |Self Care Minute|

Hey, got a minute?! We all need to take a minute for ourselves. If we don't invest in our own self-care, how can we invest in the care of others? Today, Kristin shares a simple trick to bring peace and calm into our lives, and it has everything to do with some furry and cuddly [...]

21 11/2019

Self-Care Minute #2 | November 2019

2021-03-14T15:26:59-04:00By |Self Care Minute|

Can you really take time for just...you? The answer is YES! You can. But beyond that....YOU SHOULD! In the second edition of Self Care Minute for November, 2019, Kristin brings a needed challenge to all of us who spend most of our time caring for children with trauma histories!

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