30 04/2022

[Live Q&A Replay] Understanding Sensory Behaviors with Dr. Laura Anderson (April 2022)

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For the month of April, we are excited to welcome our good friend Dr. Laura Anderson to the series to answer your biggest questions about sensory needs (but also any other BIG questions you have!) If your child often loses control of their body, makes loud noises, uses their body as a battering ram, and [...]

2 04/2022

[Expert Training] Managing Crisis In Your Home- Mike and Kristin Berry (April 2022)

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It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. At some point, foster and adoptive parents will face a moment of crisis. It could be small, or it could be significant. In any case, we must have a solid plan in place to effectively respond to and manage the situation. But most importantly, [...]

25 02/2022

[Live Q&A Replay] Understanding Trauma’s Impact On Your Children with Brooke Randolph (February 2022)

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This month we are pleased to welcome Brooke Randolph to our Monthly Live Q&A call with a therapist. In this call Mike and Brooke talked about trauma's impact, disrupted attachment, what in the world brain spotting is, how to effectively help your child's school understand their trauma in a simplistic way, and much more! We [...]

13 08/2019

How To Nurture Healthy Attachments With Your Child | Expert Interview with Paris Goodyear-Brown

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Children who come from trauma may take a lifetime to recover.  Some of the big behaviors may remain and  helping parents to understand that creating felt-safety and setting a reasonable bar are the first steps towards healing. How can we create felt-safety? What is the "soothe" technique? What do we do with our kid's core [...]

3 04/2019

Live Q and A with Jenn Hook: Therapeutic Parenting Strategies

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Listen again to this replay of our awesome, April 2019, Live Q and A with Oasis Co-founder and C.E.O. Mike Berry and his good friend, Jenn Hook. Mike and Jenn answer questions about Therapeutic Parenting Strategies in this 90 minute discussion. *Sound cuts out at 30:30 (skip ahead - discussion picks back up right at 34:00).   [...]

25 03/2019

Kitchen Table Talks: Helping Kids Process their Grief and Loss

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Mike Berry leads today's KTT to share some thoughts about how we can help our kids process grief and loss in a healthy way. Keys to help your children process grief and loss Permission Granted For ourselves For our children Authenticity Allowed Create space for open and honest conversations Don't over-spiritualize/moralize kid's big emotions and [...]

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