7 06/2023

[Expert Training] How To Effectively Respond To Behaviors- Mike Berry (June, 2023)

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One of the hardest parts of the foster and adoptive journey is trying to figure out what in the world is going on with your child. Why are they behaving the way they are? Where are the outbursts coming from and, more importantly, why after a great day at the zoo or the park? But [...]

4 03/2022

[Expert Training] Food Fights: Feeding & Nurturing For Foster & Adoptive Families- Brooke Randolph (March 2022)

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Food hoarding, food battles, and obsessive behaviors over food! You may even have more to add to this list. The fact is, food insecurities are common amongst children with a trauma history. And issues surrounding food are so deeply seeded within our children that, at times, it seems that there's recovery, let alone, a way [...]

5 02/2022

[Expert Training] Behavioral Intervention & Prevention Strategies- Mike and Kristin Berry (February 2022)

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What do you do when your child melts down, acts out, or becomes aggressive, defiant, or disrespectful? This is probably one of the biggest questions foster and adoptive parents have. We know you do too. That's why we're dedicating this month's Oasis Expert Training to discussing Behavioral Intervention and Prevention Strategies with Mike and Kristin.

19 11/2021

[Live Q&A Replay] Navigating The Holidays – Mike and Kristin Berry (November 2021)

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It's the holiday season, which for many families means family, joyful gatherings, Christmas caroling and more. But this time of year can often be extremely difficult for foster and adoptive families. How do you navigate this? In our November 2021 Live Training, Mike and Kristin discuss practical steps we can take to navigate this season, [...]

3 04/2019

Live Q and A with Jenn Hook: Therapeutic Parenting Strategies

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Listen again to this replay of our awesome, April 2019, Live Q and A with Oasis Co-founder and C.E.O. Mike Berry and his good friend, Jenn Hook. Mike and Jenn answer questions about Therapeutic Parenting Strategies in this 90 minute discussion. *Sound cuts out at 30:30 (skip ahead - discussion picks back up right at 34:00).   [...]

5 12/2018

Masterclass with Jayne Schooler: The Meaning Behind Behavior

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Are you tired of trying to deal with tantrums, melt-downs, manipulation, lying, violence, control, self-harm, promiscuity?  Wondering just how to "fix" these behaviors? You might be realizing that "fixing" behaviors may not actually work anyways. We've been there too!  That's why we are so excited to welcome back Jayne Schooler for an hour-long Masterclass that will [...]

20 11/2018

Behavioral Development | Expert Interview with Dr. Feldman

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On this month's edition of Backstage Pass, Kristin interviews Dr. Gary Feldman, who is an M.D., Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician, and Sleep Specialist specializing in international adoption. Kristin and Dr. Feldman talk about how to view and interpret behavioral developmental issues you may see in your children, strategies for dealing with, and resources for helping foster and adoptive [...]

30 07/2018

Masterclass with Brooke Randolph: R.A.D., D.T.D., and Attachment

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We are pleased to welcome our good friend (and regular Live Q&A therapist) Brooke Randolph to this month’s Oasis Masterclass.  She will be teaching on the problem with R.A.D. (Reactive Attachment Disorder) as a diagnosis, about D.T.D. (Developmental Trauma Disorder), and why attachment strategies fail. It’s Brooke’s goal to encourage, equip, and empower individuals and [...]

18 07/2018

Choosing Residential Treatment | Expert Interview with Chuck Haggle

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We've heard the questions in the forums: When you feel like you have exhausted all of your resources, where can you go next?  When is it time to consider residential treatment? Are there any other options we should try first? Knowing just how difficult these questions and decisions can be, we reached out to Chuck [...]

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