2 04/2022

[Expert Training] Managing Crisis In Your Home- Mike and Kristin Berry (April 2022)

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It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. At some point, foster and adoptive parents will face a moment of crisis. It could be small, or it could be significant. In any case, we must have a solid plan in place to effectively respond to and manage the situation. But most importantly, [...]

27 12/2021

[Kitchen Table Talk] How To Effectively Support Our Children (December 2021)

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As caregivers, it’s our responsibility to support our children, and do it as well as possible. But how do you effectively do this? Our children are going to experience different seasons of life, moments of grief, and face uphill climbs that we will often find ourselves powerless to help them overcome. How do we know [...]

17 12/2021

[Live Q&A Replay] Communicating Your Child’s Needs With Professionals- Mike and Kristin Berry (December 2021)

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In our latest Live Training and Q&A, Mike and Kristin share strategies and principles to help you effectively communicate and advocate for your child with the people who provide services for them. These principles work whether you are communicating to a pediatrician, teacher, therapist, coach, small group leader, or any other provider for your child. [...]

23 11/2021

[Kitchen Table Talk] Digging Deeper Into Expectations

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It’s perfectly normal for us, as parents, to have expectations for our children. But what happens when our children choose to carve their own path and it’s the opposite of our expectations? We must learn to adapt and change. And we have to understand that we are raising human beings who are going to think, [...]

14 11/2019

How To Effectively Communicate With Providers | Expert Interview with Dr. Gary Feldman, MD

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Have you ever left a pediatrician or medical professional's office and felt as if you couldn't adequately communicate your child's need, and you were completely misunderstood? If so, you're definitely NOT alone. We've been there a time or two with our children. But good news! In this edition of Expert Interviews, we're pleased to welcome [...]

3 04/2019

Live Q and A with Jenn Hook: Therapeutic Parenting Strategies

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Listen again to this replay of our awesome, April 2019, Live Q and A with Oasis Co-founder and C.E.O. Mike Berry and his good friend, Jenn Hook. Mike and Jenn answer questions about Therapeutic Parenting Strategies in this 90 minute discussion. *Sound cuts out at 30:30 (skip ahead - discussion picks back up right at 34:00).   [...]

7 11/2018

Live Q & A with Ruth Graham: Ask Anything Again

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We were thrilled to have therapist Ruth Graham join us again, for our Live Q and A.  We've done this before and it was so great that we asked our members to ask her anything again! We covered questions about holiday triggers, dealing with extended family members who don't honor boundaries, overcoming irrational fears, drug [...]

29 10/2018

Partnering with Schools | Expert Interview with Dr. Schultz

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Now two months into the school year, are your children struggling?  Has working with the teachers and administrators been difficult or frustrating?  We get it!  That's why we are so excited this month to be bringing you this information and idea packed Backstage Pass all about how you can, most effectively, partner with your child's [...]

10 10/2018

Kitchen Table Talks: Step Back or Step In?

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No one wants to be that "helicopter parent," and yet, sometimes we know that our kids really do need our help.  When do we step back and when should we step in?  This can be even more complicated when parenting kids who may have experienced traumatic events and/or have special medical, physical, emotional, or learning [...]

7 02/2018

Navigating the Foster Care System | Expert Interview with Megan Stroup

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Navigating the Foster Care System can prove to be a challenge for many foster parents.  How can foster parents partner and work with case managers rather than live in a frustrated and discouraged place? On this month's episode of Backstage Pass, we are pleased to, once again, welcome our good friend Megan Stroup, Founder and Director [...]

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