25 03/2019

Kitchen Table Talks: Helping Kids Process their Grief and Loss

2019-03-25T14:16:06-04:00By |Kitchen Table Talks|

Mike Berry leads today's KTT to share some thoughts about how we can help our kids process grief and loss in a healthy way. Keys to help your children process grief and loss Permission Granted For ourselves For our children Authenticity Allowed Create space for open and honest conversations Don't over-spiritualize/moralize kid's big emotions and [...]

19 01/2018

Kitchen Table Talks: From Surviving to Thriving

2018-06-06T22:20:08-04:00By |Kitchen Table Talks|

Ever feel like you are just barely making it through the day?  Yeah, we've been there too!  Maybe what started out as an exciting journey has met the reality of raising children who come from trauma and hard, hard places.  So many special needs, the daily rages, school issues, exhaustion, frustration, anger...and before you know [...]

11 10/2017

Kitchen Table Talks: Dealing with Anger

2018-06-06T22:25:18-04:00By |Kitchen Table Talks|

How do we get through the anger we sometimes feel on this journey of foster and adoptive parenting?  Anger at our children, anger towards birth parents, anger towards the foster-care system, anger about all the years of hardship and pain... Anger can eat us up and consume us.  How can we process the anger and [...]

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