14 12/2017

Kitchen Table Talks: Parenting Older Children

2018-06-06T22:22:39-04:00By |Kitchen Table Talks|

Calling all parents of teenagers! Grab a cup of coffee and sit down for this quick 15 minute encouragement from Mike and Kristin on parenting older children.  They've got some great tips to share, especially about how you can communicate well with teens and young adults. Here are a few considerations when bringing in a [...]

11 10/2017

Kitchen Table Talks: Dealing with Anger

2018-06-06T22:25:18-04:00By |Kitchen Table Talks|

How do we get through the anger we sometimes feel on this journey of foster and adoptive parenting?  Anger at our children, anger towards birth parents, anger towards the foster-care system, anger about all the years of hardship and pain... Anger can eat us up and consume us.  How can we process the anger and [...]

13 09/2017

Kitchen Table Talks: Creating Safety Plans

2018-06-06T22:26:15-04:00By |Kitchen Table Talks|

"Help! I need to formulate a safety plan!" Have you found yourself in this place?  We have been there too!  The fear, discouragement, and chaos that precede the need for a safety plan can feel overwhelming for foster and adoptive parents who are already weary and tired.  This month, Mike Berry is here to encourage [...]

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