24 06/2022

[Live Q&A Replay] Helping Multiracial Families Thrive with Ligia Cushman, M.A. (June 2022)

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This month we welcomed our good friend, therapist, and coach, Ligia Cushman, M.A. to the Live Q&A Broadcast to discuss strategies multiracial families can use to begin thriving. It was a deep and powerful conversation. The questions Ligia answered were deep, and difficult, but necessary and transformational. Check out the replay now!

13 06/2022

[Expert Training] When The Grief Of This Journey Becomes Too Much with Carrie O’Toole (June 2022)

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What do you do when your back's against the wall with your child's behavior? Or simply, what's your next step when you've tried everything to connect with your child but the rejection is so deep and unending that you feel that you're slowly dying inside? These questions, and more, are part of the reality of [...]

28 05/2022

[Live Q&A Replay] Navigating The Online World With Vulnerable Children- Chuck Hagele (May 2022)

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In our May 2022 Live Q&A call, we were pleased to welcome our good friend, and internet safety expert, Chuck Hagele from Project Patch. We discussed the importance of targeting the heart when connecting with our children over internet safety, important safety protocols, why loss and grief drive kids deeper into the online world, and [...]

28 01/2022

[Live Q&A Replay] Understanding And Dealing With Grief- with Carrie O’Toole (January 2022)

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We are excited to welcome back the therapists and medical pros to our Monthly Live Q&A calls in Oasis. This month we are pleased to welcome Carrie O'Toole to the broadcast. She is an expert in grief recovery, and helping caregivers work through the many hardships and emotions that come with this journey. Carrie, herself, [...]

27 12/2021

[Kitchen Table Talk] How To Effectively Support Our Children (December 2021)

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As caregivers, it’s our responsibility to support our children, and do it as well as possible. But how do you effectively do this? Our children are going to experience different seasons of life, moments of grief, and face uphill climbs that we will often find ourselves powerless to help them overcome. How do we know [...]

20 12/2021

[Expert Training] How To Be Still While In Motion – Carrie Blaske (December 2021)

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Do you find yourself longing for stillness? Do you hold onto hope that when you finally do get to be still, that it will be worth the effort it took to coordinate a self-care activity or opportunity for stillness? When your body does get to be still, does your mind still race? We are pleased to welcome [...]

23 11/2021

[Kitchen Table Talk] Digging Deeper Into Expectations

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It’s perfectly normal for us, as parents, to have expectations for our children. But what happens when our children choose to carve their own path and it’s the opposite of our expectations? We must learn to adapt and change. And we have to understand that we are raising human beings who are going to think, [...]

22 10/2021

[Kitchen Table Talk] Setting Healthy Boundaries With Your Children

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You know how this goes. Your child manipulates, lies, or steals with no inhibition. You’re frustrated, tired, and ready to give up. Mostly because you’ve set the boundary, you’ve asked them to stop, you’ve even attempted to discipline, to no avail. What else can you do? You wonder, “Can I actually set a healthy boundary [...]

1 10/2021

[Expert Training] Navigating The Online World With Vulnerable Children- Chuck Hagele

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We are excited to debut our brand new Oasis Expert Trainings. Each month we will share a new training video to help you achieve success as a caregiver. Our content format will follow our flagship trauma knowledge content and center on 6 key areas: trauma understanding, attachment building, behavior response and management, regulation strategies, home [...]

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