25 02/2022

[Live Q&A Replay] Understanding Trauma’s Impact On Your Children with Brooke Randolph (February 2022)

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This month we are pleased to welcome Brooke Randolph to our Monthly Live Q&A call with a therapist. In this call Mike and Brooke talked about trauma's impact, disrupted attachment, what in the world brain spotting is, how to effectively help your child's school understand their trauma in a simplistic way, and much more! We [...]

5 02/2022

[Expert Training] Behavioral Intervention & Prevention Strategies- Mike and Kristin Berry (February 2022)

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What do you do when your child melts down, acts out, or becomes aggressive, defiant, or disrespectful? This is probably one of the biggest questions foster and adoptive parents have. We know you do too. That's why we're dedicating this month's Oasis Expert Training to discussing Behavioral Intervention and Prevention Strategies with Mike and Kristin.

20 12/2021

[Expert Training] How To Be Still While In Motion – Carrie Blaske (December 2021)

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Do you find yourself longing for stillness? Do you hold onto hope that when you finally do get to be still, that it will be worth the effort it took to coordinate a self-care activity or opportunity for stillness? When your body does get to be still, does your mind still race? We are pleased to welcome [...]

19 11/2021

[Live Q&A Replay] Navigating The Holidays – Mike and Kristin Berry (November 2021)

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It's the holiday season, which for many families means family, joyful gatherings, Christmas caroling and more. But this time of year can often be extremely difficult for foster and adoptive families. How do you navigate this? In our November 2021 Live Training, Mike and Kristin discuss practical steps we can take to navigate this season, [...]

28 10/2021

[Live Q&A Replay] Practical Regulation Strategies – Mike and Kristin Berry (October 2021)

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In this debut session of our newest content in Oasis, Mike and Kristin walk through Regulation Strategies that can help you navigate just about any behavioral situation you find yourself in with your child. In the broadcast they cover, What is regulation? What is dysregulation? How to help your child re-regulate The #1 goal you [...]

31 03/2020


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So, one thing that we've noticed during the coronavirus, Covid-19 crisis is that self-care is one of the first things people are abandoning. Please take a minute out of your day to watch this video. We know you can't go a lot of places right now, but sometimes self care looks like just gettin in [...]

28 01/2020

How To Work Through Seasonal Depression | Kitchen Table Talk

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Seasonal depression. It’s a real thing. And those of us on the foster and adoptive parenting journey know just how deep this can go. How do you work through these desperate feelings during the long winter months? Nicole and Kristin return in the latest addition of kitchen table talks with some practical advice.

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